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IP Surveillance & Security

IP networks have ushered in a host of transformational shifts across multiple applications. The world of video surveillance and access control are now on the cusp of proving to be the next beneficiary of convergence forces.

The need for multiple networks, dissimilar cabling infrastructures, stranded proprietary applications, usurious storage demands and overall limited functionality and system interoperability are poised to join the rotary dial telephone in the halls of obsolescence.

Our lines of IP network cameras and access control systems not only provide unparalleled features and functionality, they allow you to leverage your IP networks and storage infrastructures, IP knowledge capital and experience while delivering outstanding functionality and interoperability.

Building on a common IP platform, video and access control systems can now be fully integrated and using common sets of API’s provide the additional benefit of integration potential to other applications ranging from Point of Sale terminals to PLC networks.

Our partners include Mobotix, the global leader in High Resolution IP cameras capable of delivering images at more than 3 megapixels of resolution bundled with motion sensors, IR sensors, on board speakers and microphones as well as the capability to store data independently thanks to integrated SD cards. These ‘event driven’ cameras can provide continuous record at lower frame rates while automatically accelerating to high resolution and frame rate record, including audio, once triggered into action following a sensor driven event. Event notification can be delivered through e-mail, IP Notify or even a VoIP call! This translates to real time information of important activity while mitigating storage requirements during prolonged periods of inactivity. The Mobotix MXControlCentre enterprise level software can manage your entire surveillance environment including a powerful set of video analytic tools and best of all, it’s free. Forever, including all updates and upgrades.

We are also proud to partner with Panasonic, a global leader in video surveillance, whose new i-Pro IP cameras can deliver long range views with a combined optical and digital zoon of 220x as well as boasting a host of affordable wireless indoor and outdoor IP cameras delivering important functionality in hard to reach areas.

Our IP access control solutions from partners like GE and ACT and paging systems from suppliers like Bogen round out our offerings and we continue to look for new partners and suppliers that can add value to your business